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Tax Saving LIC plans

Tax saving from Salary and Business under 80C and 80D

Tax Saving LIC plans plays a very important role in insuring and saving. LIC of India having head quaters in Mumbai is fully owned by Governmnet of India best life insurance plans which can be purchased with other plan combination also. Life Insurance Corporation of India had created plan for every occation. Keeing in mind the requirements like study, marrige, life insurance, pension etc., formulated with atmost care.

LIC plans are mainly of two types. They are Endowment plans and Money Back plans. Life Insurance plans are to be seleted on the basis of needs and requirements. Endowment plans may be good for a bachelor and Money Back plan would help the parents to plan for their child's education, overseas education, marriage etc.,

LIC Life Insurance plans can be started as low as Rs. 1,000/- per month. LIC Premium can be paid monthly, quarterly, Half yearly and yearly mode.

Best LIC Plans for Tax Savings :

Endowment Plans
LIC New Jeevan Anand Plan
LIC Jeevan labh
LIC Jeevan lakshya
LIC Jeevan pragati
LIC Limited Premium Endowment Plan etc.,

Children Plans
LIC Jeevan Tarun
LIC New Children Money Back plan

Pension plans
LIC Jeevan Umang
LIC Combination of plans

Being leader in Indian life Insurance sector, LIC of India with more than 33 crore policies and Life fund of Rs. 25 + Lakhs. According to Wikipedia Total assets ₹2,009,119 crore in US$ 310 billion as on 2016.

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